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Do Step Inn home is the perfect base if you enjoy to explore and wander. Whether you prefer to roam around town via public transport or find hidden treasures on foot, Vienna’s most popular sights are just a stone’s throw away.

Schönbrunn castle
St. Stephen's Cathedral

Visit the old Town

Ringstraße & 1. District

Through the central location of Do Step Inn Home at Westbahnhof train station, you are able to reach the old town core via the U3 underground line in 10 minutes. However, if you enjoy walking, we highly recommend a stroll to Ringstraße via Mariahilfer street, Vienna’s most popular shopping street. Mariahilfer streets upper end is located right infront of Westbahnhof station. The busy pedestrian area will take you past shops, cafés and restaurants directly into museums quarter, one of Vienna’s most popular sights and the beginning of Ringstraße.

We highly recommend to explore the world famous Ringstrasse with its wonderful architecture, such as the Hofburg palace, the opera house, the butterfly house, the mayor’s office and the University on foot. Discover hidden gems in the first district and roam around medieval cobble stone streets. Enjoy some coffee and cake in a traditional Viennese coffee house or visit the landmark of Vienna, the Saint Stephen’s cathedral. On rainy days, you can tour around some of Vienna´s countless museums and galleries or book a show for the Opera or the Spanish riding school.

Do Step Inn Guide

Restaurants, Clubs & Bars

  • FIGLMÜLLER: Figlmüller set up shop over 100 years ago. As one of the oldest restaurants, it’s considered a “Vienna scene restaurant” where according to legend, the best Viennese Schnitzel in town is served. It is also one of the very few places that still makes Schnitzel from veal (traditional).

    Get there via: U3 to Stephansplatz

    Address: Wollzeile 5, 1010 Wien – open daily

  • SIEBENSTERNBRÄU: Siebenstern Bräu offers a wide range of traditional austrian dishes. Besides Schnitzel and dumplings we strongly recommend their homemade beer as it is also home to one of Viennas oldest breweries. During the summer, Siebenstern offers a beautiful garden area to sit in. Last but not least, the restraurant is only a 15 min walk from the hotel.

    Get there via: U3 to Neubaugasse or 15 min walk via Mariahilferstraße

    Address: Siebensterngasse 19, 1017 Wien – open daily

  • CENTIMETER:  Centimeter is also known for its wide variety of traditional austrian dishes. Due to its great price-value and its very large portions its very popular among students. Centimeter is easy to reach and only a 15 min walk from the hotel.

    Get there via: U3 Neubaugasse or 15 min walk via Mariahilferstraße

    Address: Stiftgasse 4, 1070 Wien – open daily

  • NASCHMARKT: Naschmarkt is Vienna’s largest food market and a treasure trove for fresh fruits, veggies, spices, delicacy and the perfect place to find souveniers. Apart from the market, Naschmarkt is also home to a huge range of high quality restaurants that are located along the 3rd row of the market. The market itself is particularly attractive on Saturdays as there is also a large flea market connected to it then.
    Directions: U4 to Kettenbrückengasse or 20 min walk from the hotel
  • SAPA: Sapa is one of the best Vietnamese restaurants in town and located quite close to the hotel. It’s well known for fresh woks, tasty chicken dishes and delicious finger food.

    Directions: U3 Neubaugasse or 15 min walk via Mariahilferstraße

    Address: Lindengasse 35, 1070 Wien – open daily


    Orpheas is located in the old town core just around the corner from St.Stephens cathedral. It offers a great range of Cretan and Greek food including some very nice vegetarian options. The restaurant is quite chic but comes with great price value and very friendly staff.

    Address: Spiegelgasse 10, 1010 Wien – täglich geöffnet

  • ShanghaiTan: ShanghaiTan is very well known for its unusual and quite magical interior design. Hundreds of Chinese lanterns are hanging from the ceiling and create a beautiful and romantic atmosphere. The location is not only a restaurant but also a bar and definitely worth checking out even if just for a quick drink.

    Directions: U4 to Kettenbrückengasse, then 5 min walk

    Address: Gumpendorferstraße 9, 1060 Wien

  • OTTO BAUER: Ottobauer is a very unique place. Besides its extraordinary Austrian-Italian cuisine, the restaurant is well known for a rather edgy design. Ottobauer not only sells food but also all the vintage furniture which you sit on while enjoying a meal is actually home-made and for sale!

    Directions: 15 min walk  or U3 to Zieglergasse

    Address: Otto-Bauer-Gasse 13, 1060 Wien

  • THAI ISAA KITCHEN: One of the best Thai food places in town and just around the corner from the hotel. Their plates come at great price value and their menu offers a lot of vegetarian options.

    Directions: U3 to Zieglergasse, then 7 min walk

    Address: Gumpendorferstraße 91, 1060 Wien, open daily

  • O’CONNORS IRISH PUB: Small but great! This pub is definitely off the beaten track and might not seem very special on first glance but they definitely have vienna’s best pub food as one of their chef’s is award winning. Whether you are looking for some classics like fish and chips or a proper irish stew, O’Connor’s got you covered. As it is a real insider tip make sure you reserve a table online or prepare for a bit of waiting.

    Directions: Tram nr. 18 (from West BHF) to St. Marx ca. 25 min directly

    Address: Rennweg 95, 1030 Wien – closed on Sundays 


    St. Josef’s originally set out as an organic food store and slowly turned into a restaurant which now provides an absolutely excellent vegan lunch (and lunch only) buffet and a daily menu. Moreover you can buy freshly baked organic cakes and other treats. Only open until about 5 p.m…

    Directions: U3 to Neubaugasse or 15 min on foot via Mariahilferstraße

     Address: Zollergasse 26, 1070 Wien – closed on Sundays and in the evening



    loving hut is a completely vegan restaurant and located a mere 10 min walking distance from the hotel.  From soup, to salad to vegan barbecue and burgers, Loving hut offers a wide range of vegan dishes

    Directions: 10 min walk

    Address: Neubaugürtel 38/5, 1070 Wien – closed on tuesdays, open from 4:30 -9 p.m. 


    Vegetasia is another really good thai restaurant specialized in vegetarian food. Even though getting there is a bit of an adventure it is worth it. Vegetasia does offer a brilliant buffet and 3 to 5 course menus.

    Directions: U3 to Landstraße and then Tram 0 direction Raxstraße to Neulinggasse

    Address: Ungargasse 57, 1030 Wien – closed on mondays 

  • WELTCAFÉ:  Weltcafé is both restaurant and bar (happy hour from 8-11 pm). It offers a great variety of vegetarian dishes and all products, drinks and food sold is both fairtrade and completely organic.

    Directions: U3 to Volkstheater change to U2 to Schottentor, located behind Votiv church 

    Address: Schwarzspanierstr. 15, 1090 Wien, Mo-Fr:8:30 am-midnight Sa-So:9am -midnight


    Café central is one of the very many traditional Viennese coffee shops in Vienna. Especially in the 20th century it was a well known café amongst writers, professors and philosophers like Sigmund Freud or Arthur Schnitzler. Today it offers a wide range of traditional austrian pastries in a unique atmosphere with piano live music.

    Directions: U3 to Herrengasse

     Address: Corner Strauchgasse / Herrengasse, 1010 Wien – open: daily 

  • HAWELKA: Like Café Central, Hawelka is one of Vienna’s traditional coffee shops. With its vintage furniture and design it sends you time travelling. Hawelka was and still is a meeting point for writers and scholars. Unfortunately it has become well known by tourists over the years therefore prices are quite high. Still, a trip there is definitely worth it and if you want to treat yourself try out their homemade “Wuchteln” a sweet austrain specialty served with custard cream that you should not miss out on.

    Directions: U3 to Stephansplatz

    Address: Dorotheergasse 6, 1010 Wien – open daily

  • ADLERHOF: Adlerhof is definitely one of Vienna’s most beautiful Cafés. Located right in the middle of Vienna’s hipster and art scene it is surrounded by second hand shops, pop-up and craft stores. Adlerhof has a unique art nouveau interior and serves beautifully decorated dishes.

    Directions: U3 to Neubaugasse; then 9 min walk

    Address: Burggasse 51, 1070 Wien – open daily

  • CAFÉ NEKO POINT: If you want something completely different to the classical Viennese “Kaffeehaus” then you should try Café Neko, the first austrian-japanese cat coffee shop – yes, cats. This coffee shop is known for its 5 furry dwellers rather than its self-service menu and is especially popular amongst locals who aren’t allowed pets in their inner city apartments. Cuddling and playing welcome.

    Anfahrt: U3 bis StephansdomDirections: U3 to Stephansdom

    Address: Blumenstockgasse 5, 1010 Wien – open: daily 


    Nice cafe and club. Stylish lounge. Good cocktails and dinner. Not cheap, but free entrance.

    Directions: U3 to Volkstheater

    Address: Museumsplatz 1, 1070 Wien

  • COCKTAIL BAR Q {Kju} :

    Good music. Good Cocktails which are especially cheap during happy hour. Free entrance on event-free days.

    Directions: U6 to Nussdorferstraße, then 3 min on foot (towards city)

    Address: Währinger Gürtel (Stadtbahnbogen) 142-144, 1090 Wien


    Nice billiard and cocktail bar with cheap cocktails and good music. Admission is free.

    Directions: U3 to Neubaugasse, than 5 min on foot

    Address: Theobaldgasse 15, 1060 Wien

  • B72:  Non-mainstream music, mostly frequented by students. Admission is free, except for concerts.

    Directions: U6 to Josefstätterstraße, than 4 min on foot

    Address: Hernalser Gürtel 72 – 73, 1080 Wien

  • Freiraum

    Nightcafé, Restaurant and Bar located less than 10 min walking distance from the Hotel directly on the main shopping street. They are well known amongst students and offerer nice food, snacks and also breakfast in the morning. Edgy location, fair prices.

    Directions: 10 min on foot – directly on Mariahilferstraße

    Address: Mariahilferstraße 117, 1060 Wien

  • TRAVEL SHACK: A must go for all backpackers! The one and only backpackers- and travellers pub in Vienna. It is located a mere 10 min from our Hotel on Felberstrasse 20. Travel shacks is open all week and offers colourful clientele, billiard, karaoke, Dart, cheap beer, creative shots and snacks. Travel shacks is also the meeting point for one of Viennas Pub Crawls. Tours normally run regularly departing from travel shacks at about 9 to 9:30 p.m..

    Address: Mariahilfergürtel 21, 1150 Wien

  • THE BOG SIDE INN:  One of the  few Viennese pubs where you can get hot mead. Very cozy. This pub is known for the peanuts on their tables and the tradition of just throwing their empty shells on the floor.

    Direction: U3 to Volkstheater + 8 min walk

    Address: Landesgerichtsstraße 18, 1010 Wien

    For all sports fans. Football games are broadcast live on a big screen

    Anfahrt: U3 to Neubaugasse or 15 min walking distance

    Address: Kirchengasse 3; 1070 Wien

  • WIND AND MILLS: A very nice Irish pub run by an asian family! Irish at heart is more than enough, for this pub is one of the coolest Irish pubs in Vienna. Besides the good Asian noodles, they also serve delicious burgers.

    Directions: U3 to Neubaugasse

    Address: Gumpendorfstrasse 50, 1060 Wien

  • TITANIC:  Disco and dance floor music from the 60s, 70s, 80s. Every Friday and Saturday 11 p.m.- 6 a.m., free admission.

    Directions: U3 bis Neubaugasse, dann ca. 5 Minuten Fußweg

    Adresse: Theobaldgasse 11, 1060 Wien


    Exclusive disco, nice location but not cheap. Entrance fee. Music: commercial.

    Directions: U3 to Volkstheater, located behind the museum

    Address: Babenbergerstrasse, 1010 Wien

  • FLEX: One of the largest discos that plays different types of music depending on the current events (Event calendar can be looked up online). Opening hours: 9 p.m.-4 a.m.. Entrance fee.

    Directions: U3 to Volkstheater, U2 to Schottentor

  • VOLKSGARTEN: If you are into RNB or house this place is worth spending your money on. Entrance fee.

    Directions: U3 to Volkstheater

    Address: Burgring 1, 1010 Wien

  • FLEDERMAUS: Every Tuesday FREIFLUG (Pop & Party Classics), Every Thursday LA PALOMA, FLIEGER and specials, Every Friday CLASSIC (80’s,rock,alternative), Every Saturday BOOGIE NIGHT (Disco,Soul,R&B,Latin), Every Sunday FREAK OUT (60’s,70’s,Pop,Rock,Beat). Entrance fee.

    Directions: U3 to Stephansplatz

    Address: Spiegelgasse 2, 1010 Wien

  • MEGIDDO – GOTHIC: Music: Metal, Gothic, EBM, Alternative. Good cocktails, streamlined decor, loud music. Table football is available.

    Address: Ullmannstrasse 12, 1150 Wien

  • ESCAPE – METAL: The place to be for all fans of heavy metal! You will find a nice bar with loud music and lots of tables. The lower level of the club also offers a wide range of live music.


    Address: Neustiftgasse 116-118, 1070 Wien
  • NO LIMITS – FETISCH: SM Bar and Lounge, cool Location, nice people and cheap drinks. Regular events, workshops, lectures and dance parties. Open for everyone who practices SM or is simply curious. Floor is always open to play but you can also simply drop by for a beer and a chat.


    Address: Wurmbstraße 36/1, 1120 Wien

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